about us

CarbonRich is a brand owned by Charton & Bang Pty Ltd. Charton & Bang produce high quality compost and related products at Murrami in the Riverina, NSW. They do this in a farm that has been in the family for 100 years in 2021. Their focus is on using agricultural wastes to make products that help create farming systems that are more resilient, more profitable and easier to manage. 

We believe that one of the most important ways to improve the health of farms is building soil carbon. We think that soils rich in carbon are rich in opportunity.

John Barton is from the 4th generation of the farming family that owns the Charton & Bang site. He has worked on a wide range of farm types in labouring, managerial and research roles. After retraining in science as an adult, John has spent the last 13 years working on the meeting point between science and the hard practicalities of large scale compost production. John has had a hand in the production of 1 million cubic metres of compost (around 1 million ute loads), and has helped design, support and commission 7 new compost facilities around Australia. John is passionate about sustainable food production in farming systems that support communities and the environment.

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