We manufacture high maturity compost at our 4th generation family farm in Murrami, NSW. Using rice straw and cotton gin trash we manage a microbial process to make complex carbon. This carbon is the key to increased water, improved plant health, lower fertilisers costs and better yield.

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Using our own process, we extract soluble carbon from our compost. The efficiency of this process allows applications through a boom spray as low as 15 litres per hectare. It is also suitable for drip irrigation and fertigation. Provides the benefits of complex carbon with less hassle and lower price per hectare.

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Product analysis

We can blend products such as lime, gypsum or prilled fertilisers with our Humic Compost before delivery.

We can mix products such as liquid lime, nitrogen or other liquid products with our Liquid Humus product.

Custom mixes can help save you time by combining multiple operations into one. We have the skills and machinery to make the blends efficiently and save you time.

The mixed product will be charged at the rates of the ingredients used plus a mixing fee.